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Dear Colleagues

The Iranian Association of Gastroenterology and Hepatology is honored to sponsor the 19th Iranian Congress of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (ICGH 2019) which will be held in the Razi International Convention Center, November 5-8 2019, Tehran, Iran.

This meeting will be held with close collaboration of the Digestive Disease Research Institute/ Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Many well-known, distinguished authorities from Iran and abroad have kindly accepted our invitation to join us for quality implementation of this gathering.

We are confident that the success of these events is entirely dependent on active participation of colleagues who are expert in the field. Therefore, it is our great pleasure to formally invite you to join us for the ICGH 2019. Please mark your calendar from right now!

Looking forward to having you with us for the ICGH-19.

Best Regards,



MohammadMahdi Mir-Nasseri,M.D., MPH Executive Secretary, ICGH 2019

Akram Pourshams, M.D.MPH
Scientific Secretary, ICGH 2019

Reza Malekzadeh, M.D.
President, ICGH 2019

حامیان کنگره

Dr. John Wesley Samuel Devar

Johannesburg, South African
  • Dr Devar is a senior consultant, Hepato, Pancreatico Biliary Surgeon working at Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital and The Donald Gordon Medical Centre as Well as Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand.
  • He sits on the Executive Committee of the Hepatic Biliary Association of South Africa and he is also an Executive Member of European – African Hepato, Pancreatico Biliary Association.

Prof. Narimantas E. Samalavicius

Lithuania, Klaipeda
  • Prof. Narimantas Evaldas Samalavicius
  • Speciality: General surgery, Abdominal surgery, Endoscopy, Coloproctology
  • University: University Colon & Rectal Surgery, Klaipeda University Hospital
  • Spoken Language: English,Russian,Lithuanian

Dr. Vipulroy Rathod

Mumbai, India
  • Dr Vipulroy Rathod has been in clinical practice in Mumbai for almost two decades at various premier hospitals such as Bhatia and Criticare Hospitals in Mumbai, India and has vast experience in the field of Advanced Interventional Endoscopy and Gastroenterology.
  • Dr Vipulroy Rathod is a Chairman & MD of The World Gastroenterology Institute (WGI) a State of the Art dedicated hospital for Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Endoscopy, located at Andheri in Mumbai, India.
  • Dr Vipulroy Rathod’s vast Advanced Therapeutic ERCP experience has complimented his EUS skills in diagnosis, for desired clinical outcomes.
  • He is currently the President of SGEI (Society Of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy of India) (2019-2020)

Dr. Elia Samaha

Beirut, Lebanon

Prof. Fayez Sandouk

Damascus, Syria
  • Prof. Fayez Sandouk
  • Professor Fayez Sandouk from Damascus, Syria, is a well‐known figure in the Middle East, and he dedicates himself to endoscopy.
  • He travels throughout the area to teach and to perform endoscopies on patients who need his special skills. Both his patients and trainees feel deep gratitude towards this inspiring personality and we wish to share the following views and Professor Sandouk's personal philosophy with the readers.

Dr. Hakan Senturk

Istanbul, Turkey

Executive Committee  

  • Mir-Nasseri M., M.D.
  • Etehad F.
  • Ansari E., M.D.
  • Mirzaei S.
  • Panahi M.
  • Mousavi S.
  • Molaei Mezjin S.

Scientific Committee (Alphabetical)

  • Abedi Seyed-Hassan M.D., Babol, Iran
  • Adibi Peyman M.D., Isfahan, Iran
  • Afshar Behrouz M.D., Hamadan, Iran
  • Agah Shahram M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Aghazadeh Rahim M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Ahadi Mitra M.D., Mashhad, Iran
  • Ajdarkosh Hossein M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Alborzi Forough M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Aletaha Najmeh M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Amani Mohammad M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Ameli Mitra M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Amirbeigy Mohammad Kazem M.D., Yazd, Iran
  • Amiriani Taghi M.D., Gorgan, Iran
  • Anaraki Fakhrosadat M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Antikchi Mohammad Hossein M.D., Yazd, Iran
  • Anushiravani Amir MD., Tehran, Iran
  • Asgari Lotfollah M.D., Kermanshah, Iran
  • Ashktorab Hassan Ph.D, Washington DC, USA.
  • Ashraf Haleh M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Asle-Soleimani Hossein M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Ayoubi Yazdi Niloofar M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Azadbakht Saleh M.D., Khorramabad, Iran
  • Azmoudeh-Ardalan Farid M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Bagheri Mohammad M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Bagheri-Lankarani Kamran M.D., Shiraz, Iran
  • Bahari Ali M.D., Mashhad, Iran
  • Bakhshipour Alireza M.D., Zahedan, Iran
  • Baniasadi Nadieh M.D., Kerman, ran
  • Bashiri Homayoun M.D., Kermanshah, Iran
  • Boghratian Amir Hossein M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Daghaghzadeh Hamed M.D., Isfahan, Iran
  • DarvishMoghadam Sodaif M.D., Kerman, Iran
  • Dashti Habibollah M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Delavari Alireza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Devar John Ws M.D., Johannesburg, South African
  • Doghaei-Moghaddam Masoud M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Ebrahimi Daryani Nasser M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Ehsani-Ardakani Mohammad Javad M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Edjtehadi Fardad M.D, Shiraz, Iran
  • Emami Amir Hossein M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Emami Mohammad Hassan M.D., Isfahan, Iran
  • Eshagh-Hosseini Seyed Mahmoud M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Eslamian Reza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Esmaeilzadeh Abbas M.D., Mashhad, Iran
  • Esmaeilzadeh Ahmad M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Evaldas Samalavicius Narimantas M.D., Klaipeda, Lithuania
  • Faghihi Amirhossien M.D., Tehran, Iran 
  • Fakhar Nasir M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Fallah Soltanali M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Farahvash Mohammad Jafar M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Faraji Amirhossein M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Farshchi Hamid M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Farzanehfar Mohammadreza M.D., Mashhad, Iran
  • Fattahi Mohammad Reza M.D., Shiraz, Iran
  • Foroutan Mojgan M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Ganji Azita M.D., Mashhad, Iran
  • Ghadir MohammadReza M.D., Qom, Iran
  • Ghofrani Seyed Hadi M.D., Tehran,Iran
  • Gonoodi Sanaz M.D., Mashhad, Iran
  • Haghazali Mehrdad M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Haghighi Shirin M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Hajiani Eskandar M.D., Ahvaz, Iran
  • Hamidian Mohammad Taghi M.D., Babol, Iran
  • Hasani-Ranjbar Shirin M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Hasanzarrini Maryam M.D., Hamadan, Iran
  • Hashemi Seyed Jalal M.D., Ahvaz, Iran
  • Hekmatdoost Azita M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Honarkar Zahra M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Hormati Ahmad M.D., Qom, Iran
  • Hosseini Vahid M.D., Sari, Iran
  • Houshangi Houman M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Iravani Masoud M.D., Tehran,Iran
  • Islami Leyli M.D., Gonbad, Iran
  • Jameshorani Maryam M.D., Zanjan, Iran
  • Jasemi Zargani Farzad M.D., Ahvaz, Iran
  • Kazemi Amir Hossein M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Khajehnasir Alireza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Khalilian Alireza M.D., Hamedan, Iran
  • Khatibian Morteza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Khodadoostan Mahsa M.D., Isfahan, Iran
  • Khoonsari Mahmoudreza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Khoshbaten Manouchehr M.D., Tabriz, Iran
  • Khoshnia Masoud M.D., Gorgan, Iran
  • Maleki Iradj M.D., Sari, Iran
  • Malekzadeh Reza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • MansourGhanaei Fariborz M.D., Rasht, Iran
  • Mansouri saeed M.D., Zanjan, Iran
  • Mashayekh Arshideh M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Massarrat Sadegh M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Mikaeli Javad M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Minakari Mohammad M.D., Isfahan, Iran
  • Mirzaee Vahid M.D., Rafsanjan, Iran
  • Moayed-Kazemi Alireza M.D., Khorramabad, Iran
  • Mohajer Hamid M.D., Isfahan, Iran
  • Mohamadnejad Mehdi M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Mojtahedi Kourosh M.D., Rasht, Iran
  • Mokhtare Marjan M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Momayez Sanat Zahra M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Montazeri Ghodratollah M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Moosavy Seyed Hamid M.D., Bandar Abbas, Iran
  • Nasiri Jafar M.D., Shahr-e Kord, Iran
  • Nasiri Shirzad M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Nasiri-Toosi Mohsen M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Neishaboori Hassan M.D., Zanjan, Iran
  • Nikeghbalian Saman M.D., Shiraz, Iran
  • Nikkhah Mehdi M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Nobakht Hosein M.D., Semnan, Iran
  • Nozari Neda M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Parsi Abazar M.D., Ahvaz, Iran
  • Pourshams Akram M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Qaravi Abdolsamad M.D., Gonbad, Iran
  • Radmard Amirreza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Rahimian Ghorbanali M.D., Shahrekord, Iran
  • Rakhsha Afshin M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Rathod Vipulroy M.D., Mumbai, India
  • Roostaee Ahmad M.D., Malayer, Iran
  • Rohani Mohammad Reza M.D., Arak, Iran
  • Roushan Nader M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Saadatnia Hassan M.D., Mashhad, Iran
  • Saberi-Firoozi Mehdi M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Sadeghi Ahmad M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Sadeghi Amir M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Sadeghi Anahita M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Saidi Reza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Salman Roghani Hassan M.D., Yazd, Iran
  • Samaha Elia M.D.,
  • Sandouk Fayez M.D., Damascus, Syria
  • Sardarian Hosein M.D., Bandar-e Anzali, Iran
  • Sebghatollahi Vahid M.D., Isfahan, Iran
  • Sedighnia Azadeh M.D., Tehran, Iran
  •  Senturk Hakan M.D., Turkey
  • Setoodehmanesh Rasoul M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • hafaghi Afshin M.D., Rasht, Iran
  • Shahbazkhani Bijan M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Shahrokh Shabnam M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Shavakhi Ahmad M.D., Isfahan, Iran
  • Sheikhesmaeili Farshad M.D., Sanandaj, Iran
  • Shokri Shirvani Javad M.D., Babol, Iran
  • Sima Alireza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Soheilipour Maryam M.D., Isfahan, Iran
  • Sohrabpour Amir Ali M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Sokhanvar Homayoun M.D., Qazvin, Iran
  • Somi Mohammad-Hosein M.D., Tabriz, Iran
  • Soroush Ahmadreza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Taghavi Alireza M.D., Shiraz, Iran
  • Taghvaei Tarang M.D., Sari, Iran
  • Taher Mohammad M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Taheri Seyed Amir M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Tamizifar Babak M.D., Isfahan, Iran
  • Taslimi Reza M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Tavakoli Tahmineh M.D., Birjand, Iran
  • Tirgar-Fakheri Hafez M.D., Sari, Iran
  • Vahedi Homayoun M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Valizadeh Toosi Seyed Mohammad M.D., Sari, Iran
  • Vosoghinia Hasan M.D., Mashhad, Iran
  • Yazdanbod Abbas M.D., Ardabil, Iran
  • Zahedi Mohamadjavad M.D., Kerman, Iran
  • Zamani Farhad M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Zendehdel Nasrin M.D., Tehran, Iran
  • Zojaji Homayoun M.D., Tehran, Iran

Date: November 8-9, 2019
Venue: Razi International Conference Center, Tehran, Iran. (razi.iums.ac.ir)


Secretariat, ICGH 2019

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